Some customers have reported to our engineers that the Teflon tape they bought elsewhere has fallen off after a period of use.

In this regard, we have repeatedly reminded not to buy unqualified Teflon products, especially Teflon tape. Because, in order to reduce costs, many manufacturers will use inferior “silicone pressure sensitive adhesive” materials. The viscosity of Teflon tapes produced by different grades of silicone pressure sensitive adhesives varies. For Teflon tape, the viscosity of the tape determines its quality.

PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape

Influencing the viscosity of Teflon tape In addition to the quality of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, the sodium treatment of Teflon cloth will also affect the viscosity of the tape. In addition, in the process of using Teflon tape, if not handled properly, it will also affect the viscosity of Teflon tape.

Teflon tape that has not been used up once can put the remaining part into a plastic bag for sealing and storage.

For optimal use, we recommend purchasing qualified Teflon tape, At the same time, in the process of using Teflon tape, dust, oil and other objects in the use location should be cleaned first, so that the contact position of the Teflon tape is sufficiently clean.

If you have any problems in the process of using Teflon tape, you can leave us a message below.