Customers often ask our engineers for help, why the quality of Teflon tape is not good after a period of time. To this end, our engineers specifically went to the customer site to check the specific situation, and found that it was because of the storage environment problems, and at the same time, the maintenance was not done well, which led to the poor quality of the long-standing Teflon tape.

Teflon tape

Regarding the storage and maintenance of Teflon tape, we have summarized the following 9 points.

1.Teflon tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid the sun and rain; it is forbidden to contact with the organic solvent of acid, alkali and oil, keep it clean and dry, and the storage temperature should be between -15℃~40℃.

2.Teflon tape should be placed in rolls, not folded, and turned over quarterly when stored for too long.

3.It is best to use a crane when loading and unloading Teflon tape. Use a sling with a cross beam to hang it smoothly to avoid damaging the edges of the tape. Do not load and unload arbitrarily, causing damage to the product.

4.The type and specifications of Teflon tape should be selected reasonably according to the use needs and specific conditions.

5.Do not use different types, specifications, models, strengths, and layers of tape to connect (match) together.

6.The joints of Teflon tape should be well connected, and many abnormalities appear on the joints of the tape.

7.When using the tape, pay attention to the baffle and cleaning device of the equipment to avoid the wear of the tape.

8.Cleanliness is the basic condition for good running of the tape, foreign materials may cause tape eccentricity, tension differences, and even breakage.

9.In use, if the tape is found to have early damage, it should find the cause and repair it in time to avoid the occurrence of adverse consequences.

The quality of Teflon tape determines the service life and tack of the tape at a later stage. Buying excellent Teflon tape can effectively increase the service life of Teflon tape. Do not blindly buy low-cost Teflon tape in order to reduce costs. Only the most cost-effective Teflon tape, no lowest price Teflon tape.

Contact our engineers and tell us the purpose and environment of the Teflon tape you need. We will recommend the most suitable Teflon tape for you.